6th march 2019

The ludo game in text mode

I'm going to create four versions of the Ludo game:

  • Text mode with pure Clojure
  • 2D browser version implemented with ClojureScript & React.js
  • Multiplayer over the network
  • Mobile client with ClojureScript and React Native

A few days ago I've finished the first step.

Working with this version I've been focused on consistent core. I've made a lot of design mistakes and finally I've rewritten that game about three times :-)

During work I've understood that bottom-up approach is much more better in Clojure, especially if you prefer working with REPL.

My way of working with REPL looks like drafting. In that way I can write code faster and better, because interaction between me and REPL give me immediate feedback.

All you need to do is inserting sample data into the REPL, manipulate them with various expressions and change the most useful ones into functions.

What is interesting is that you can reload files inside REPL without losing the current state. It's pretty awesome, because you even could write a program without restarting a process.